Big Girl, Potty Training

Solana actually initiated the potty training in early September when she started saying things like “it’s time to change my diaper.” So we went through all the steps…got her a big-girl bed (twin size), got her some big-girl panties with all kinds of characters on them, rolled up our rugs and got rid of all the diapers.

I’m not going to lie…it was messy at first. Thank God for the stained concrete. But after three weeks, she has it down. I’m so proud of my big girl!

My Best Friend

So here I was getting dressed for work…it was a cloudy Tuesday morning. I decided to wear a long hippy-looking skirt that day, when in walks Solana. She stops, looks at me and says, “Mommy, you’re so pretty.” My eyes have never swollen with tears so quickly.

After pulling myself together I responded, “Mija tu eres bonita.” Then she said, “Mommy, you’re a princess.”

My thoughts the rest of the day were centered on how my little girl really and truly thinks of me as her hero, an idol of sorts. And though I knew it was a moment I would treasure forever, I couldn’t help but think one day she might not look at me the same, specifically during those adolescent years that many refer to as dreadful.

Well, I hope that day never comes. Who knows, maybe we’ll defy the odds.

For now let me bask in this moment. And God, let me not forget to thank You for giving me my best friend. I love her so much it hurts. Thanks again…


Solana is the sweetest thing! She likes to grab my face and pet me gently and tell me she loves me. It’s enough to make me cry and to make my heart fall to pieces! I’m so blessed to have my beautiful daughter…my best friend.

Such a smart gal…

Solana is almost 22 months and she has truly become a little person. She repeats almost anything we say, and spends most of her days singing songs she learns at school like “Itsy, Bitsy Spider,” “This Old Man,” and “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” She also loves to read books, and we have made it a tradition to read her a book before bedtime; her favorite nighttime story is “Goodnight Moon.” She knows the book so well, she essentially reads it to us. It’s so cute. It amazes me to hear her compose sentences and thoughts that I know we haven’t directly taught her. For instance, yesterday she saw I was eating a sandwich and said to me…”I bite your sandwich. Please share with me.” It not only surprised the hell out of me that she could compose such a sentence and thought, but it also made my heart melt. I love my nee-nees!

Solana Speaks and Signs!!

Solana is now 15 months and talking like a champ. She repeats everything you say…literally. And it truly freaks me out to see how quick and smart she is. For example, this morning she was watching Teletubbies, and they started counting. Well all they had to say was “one” and she quickly said “two, thee” (she can’t pronounce her “r” yet).

And when you ask her what a puppy says, she barks; if you ask her what a kitty says, she meows; and if you ask her what a ducky says, she trys to quack. This age is so much fun!!!

She’s also got her baby sign language down. She can tell us when she’s hungry, when she wants milk, when she wants more of anything and she even knows the sign for “please”. It’s totally cool!!

Feverish Times

As soon as I heard Solana’s teacher on the other end of the line, I knew something was wrong. Miss Donna explained Solana’s temperature had reached 101. I immediately felt the obliged guilt every mom feels when something is wrong with her child, and there’s nothing she can do.

It didn’t take me long to get to the Children’s Courtyard, and to find my feverish daughter trying to make the best out of her situation…playing.

The doctor said she had a bacterial infection. He gave her an antibiotic (not amoxicylin) to kill the infection. While I’m thankful, it’s so hard to see her sullen, watery eyes look at me as if she is asking me to make it better. I hate seeing her this way. Evenso, in this instance Solana has shown strength like never before. She’s only cried minimally; nothing like when she had her bad teething episode or when she broke out in hives. God love her!! ‘Cuz I do.

Tall Like her Dad

The doctor recently told us that Solana is in the 99th percentile of her age group when it comes to height. We can all thank her “papi” if she turns out to be a super model or a WNBA basketball player!!!

Solana’s First Birthday Fiesta

This day was really fun!! All of our familia and friends came from all over to celebrate Solana’s first birthday party. The theme was Elmo…Sesame Street. We cooked hamburgers, hotdogs, drank beer, let the kids break an Elmo pinata…good times. As demonstrated here in these pictures, Solana enjoyed it as well. It didn’t take her long this time to dig (literally) into her chocolate cake. I love my baby!! She got all kinds of neat toys and beautiful clothes. Gracias to all who made this day memorable!!

Solana’s First Birthday

Solana turned one on May 20th, 2004. It was a Thursday, so we couldn’t exactly have a big party. Instead, we had a little private party…just the three of us. Braxton and I bought her a red Elmo-looking cake and put one candle on it. At first she was a bit scared and unsure. But as soon as I showed her the red thing sitting in front of her was something sweet and edible, she jumped right in…hence the red smile she’s sporting in this picture.

Solana and her first Birthday Cake

First Mother’s Day

May 9th was my first Mother’s Day. Solana gave me a little, pink beenie bear that says “mom” on it. Earlier this week at daycare she made me a beeded key chain that fits around my wrist with her name written on it.

We spent the day with Lita and Honee; Blake cooked us brunch. But Solana was the highlight of the day. Braxton took this picture of us.

Vee and Sol on Mother's Day