Is “duh” a bad word?

So Solana is really catching on to new words and phrases. She’s been saying “I told you” a lot, but to our surprise she’s even said a few not-so-appropriate-for-toddler things. For instance, the other day she and Brax were waiting for me to get home and they thought they heard me pull in the garage. When Brax realized I wasn’t there, he told Solana “mommy’s not here yet.” Without one ounce of hesitation Solana quickly replied, “well, where the hell is she?” Too funny.

So needless to say we had to tell her “hell” is a bad word…one for mommies and daddies only.

A few days later she heard me say “duh”, but before she used it herself in context, she asked, “is duh a bad word?” I just laughed and kissed her.

Daddy’s happy…Solana digs the World Cup

So we’ve been watching the hell out of the World Cup games, and Sol has since become a real fan of the world’s two most important teams – USA and Mexico. She’s even got the chant down for both.

Brax took us recently to the soccer shop to buy some threads, and Sol proudly sported her USA baby-T. It was great…despite the fact that our native team did not make it to the second round!

Viva Mexico! They play Argentina manana, and you can bet Sol will be cheering them on!

My Little Punk

On the way home today I was rocking out to Blink 182, driving, banging my head like it was nobody’s business. When suddenly Solana says “mom do this” and with her hands makes what I consider to be the universal hand signal for “rock on”. You know…the one that also means “i love you” that rock fans displayed so proudly at Motley Crue concerts in the 80’s.

It was so funny because I had to turn down the music to hear Solana say this. So when she was finished teaching me how to rock out, she said “turn it louder!!”

I love my little punk rocker!!
Sassy Sol

There is a God…and the Beatles

Solana loves The Beatles…how fucking cool is that? For the past two weeks she has asked me everyday in the car to play The Beatles. Then the other day she said she loved the fab four…all I could think of was “there is a God.”

So Articulate

Solana just amazes me sometimes. On Tuesday night I put in a Disney movie for her to watch in her room just before bedtime, so to make it easier for her to watch I removed the guardrail on her bed. After I did, she looked at me and said “that was so sweet of you.”
It’s amazing that a 3 year old can express herself so well. I love my girl!

Times Like These

It’s times like these you learn to live again.

It’s times like these you give and give again.

It’s times like these you learn to love again.

It’s times like these time and time again.

Foo Fighters

Solana Laughing
Solana Laughing


I thought about this song last Sunday morning when Solana crawled into bed with me and Brax, and we all three embraced each other and giggled like never before. Gosh I felt so complete having the two greatest loves of my life in my arms. I love my family so much. Thanks, God.

Big Sister

We found out today that Solana’s going to have a little sister. Right after our doctor visit, we picked up Sol from daycare and told her the good news. Braxton thought it would be a good idea to ask her what her sister’s name should be and she said “brother-sister” or B.S. for short…we laughed so hard and to our surprise she continued to entertain us by stating that she was “rolling”.
Where my baby girl picks up this gangsta-speak is beyond me…oh wait…I almost forgot; her daddy is Kid Brax aka B-Double aka White Snoop.

Smart-ass must be hereditary


Since the day she spoke I knew Solana would be an effective communicator. She’s very articulate, pronouncing every word correctly, most often on the first try, both in Spanish and English. However, I never imagined she would have been as witty, or dare I say, as smart-ass as her daddy.

Lately, she’s been real quick on the reply…reply on the fly, we could call it. Example: Thanks to my mom, Sol learned the word “chingao” and as any articulate daughter would do she repeated and actually applied the word perfectly while playing with her dolls and getting upset that something wasn’t going right. We immediately told her “chingao” was a bad word and that only Mami and Lita could say it.

About a week later Sol was playing with her dolls again, and I guess something upset her. She reacted in anger at her dolls by saying “ching” and then quickly turned to see my serious face gleaming at her. Faster than I could blink an eye, she said “I didn’t say gao.”

Now what other 2 year old do you know can come up with that type of smart-ass remark???

Damn…she’s Braxton junior.

Mangos son de Mexico

Birds were singing, the sunlight was glistening and crickets were chirping. It was the most beautiful day Spring had brought us thus far. So Sol and I decided to take advantage of this God given day.

We, along with Estrelliti, took a stroll through our neighborhood and to the park. After playing for about an hour we returned home only to sit outside and revel in the day’s beauty.

I got some mangos and Sol got some cookies. As we enjoyed our snacks in our lawn chairs outside, I thought this would be a good time to give my daughter a lesson in Mexican culture. So without hesitation I said, “mangos son de mexico.” She looked at me and said, “cookies are from Austin, Texas.”

In the words of Bill Cosby, “Kids say damnedest things.”

Future Pop Star?

So somehow Sol is becoming a real fan of Madonna and Gwen Stefani. Perhaps it’s that I’ve been jamming to them quite often at home and in the car. Anyway, we were in the kitchen one day and Gwen Stefani was playing in the background…probably on VHI Top 20 Countdown or ITunes…when Sol suddenly says, “Is this Madonna?” And I quickly responded “no.” To my and Braxton’s amazement she quickly and very casually said, “Oh, well then it must be Gwen Stefani.”

Our little girl isn’t even three, yet she’s already got an ear for cool music. Ahhh…the beauty of pop culture.