funny sienna

Sienna is clearly the clown of the family. She does the funniest things sometimes that just make us laugh so hard.

Yesterday, for instance, Sol was saying something and Sienna just blurted out “whatever Solana.” And her proununciation for things is just so peculiar and cute. She can’t really express an “s”, so when she says “Solana” it sounds like “Tolana”.

She’s also pretty obsessed with her booty. She always talks about shaking her booty and walks around naked, actually shaking her booty any chance she gets!!

She’s quite the character!

gifted AND talented

Just before Solana’s first year of kindergarten let out, her teachers tested her for the Gifted and Talented program. I got the call a few weeks ago that she passed the test with brilliant scores, higher than those of her peers, and the teacher even expressed how thrilled she is to work with Sol next year.

I’m so excited about this opportunity and the fact that what I’ve known all along has been confirmed – my nini is so intelligent!!

Solana is already reading at a 2nd grade level

We found out today that Solana is reading at a 2nd grade level even though she is only in kindergaarten.  We were also advised to have her tested for talented and gifted classes.  We are so proud.  I was in talented and gifted classes most of my school years so I am glad that she might be able to do so as well.  It is way to early to tell anything but none the less it was great news.

We are truly blessed

Both of our children are heaven sent. I thank God everyday for them and pray that they will live healthy, safe, prosperous lives.

Solana is so wonderful. She has such a beautiful and sweet personality. Her manners are incredible. Little does she know that she teaches me so much and that I wish I could be as good a person as she is.

Sienna is our class clown. She keeps all of us laughing all of the time. She is sweet too, but definitely has a more rebellious side. She always keeps it interesting around here.

I love you both so much, my sweet babies.

Sienna and Nicholas

We recently found out that Sienna is obsessed with this boy at school, and apparently, the feeling is mutual for him too.

There’s not been one day that Sienna hasn’t spoken about Nicholas. So I finally had to meet this little boy.

One day I got to school a little earlier than usual hoping that I could meet him. Sure enough, when I got to school and saw Sienna, there was Nicholas, right by her side. When we tried to leave, he insisted on giving her mutliple hugs. And when I asked the teacher what was up with them, she said, “oh, they are in love. They are inseparable all day.” She even told me she wanted to be invited to the wedding! HA!

Well, that evening at the dinner table, daddy asked Sienna what she did that day at school. To be exact, this is how the conversation went:

daddy, “Sienna, what did you do at school today?”
sienna, “Nicholas.”

We laughed our asses off.

Sienna’s first stomach virus…

…was a freakin nightmare this weekend!! This was the first time in Sienna’s two years of being alive that she regurgitated. It was absolutely frightening to see her choke on her vomit and not know what was happening to her. My sweet, sweet baby was very sick.

Having said that, if there were one good thing about her being sick, it was her willingness to just cuddle with me. She had not spent this much time in my arms since she was an infant. I LOVED it!!

Sienna is healthy!!

We had the VCUG and renal ultrasound done yesterday at Children’s. Sienna was a real trooper, thanks to some oral medicine they gave her that pretty much made her act like a silly drunk.

And today – GREAT NEWS!! Her tests came out normal, which means all of her organs (kidneys mainly) are working as they should. The doc says her urinary tract infection must have been caused by bacteria from her diaper that made its way up through her urethra.

Thank you, God, for blessing my baby and keeping her healthy!!

My sweet girls and Sienna’s tests

It’s Sunday night – the last night of the holiday break. Christmas was good; I was sick, but the girls got some good stuff from Santa. But what’s been really good about these days off has been the quality time I’ve gotten to spend with my sweet girls.

Almost every night I’ve gotten to lay with Si and Sol as I’ve put them to bed. Usually our routine is a bed-time story/song, prayer and then I kiss them and walk out of the room. These nights, however, I’ve laid with them, caressing their faces and running my fingers through their hair until they’ve fallen asleep. It’s been so nice for me…a true mother-daughter bonding experience, and I can only imagine it’s also been special for them too.

Tonight is also the night before Sienna’s testing at Children’s Hospital. A few months ago Si had a urinary tract infection, and the doctor, knowing that these infections are very rare for young children, feared that something else could be wrong with her – hence the testing.

The doctor has ordered a VCUG and renal ultrasound, which should tell us if her kidneys and other organs are working properly. One of these requires that Si is put under, so I’m a little nervous about that, but I know God is watching over her and that she will be fine.

Anyway, it’s been a long day, and it’s time to wind down. Love my girls and am so blessed to have them.

Ay ya yay, Sienna!!

I’ve come to the harsh realization that I have that 2-year-old that you see in the stores – you know the one that gets everyone’s attention, not so much because they are adorable (which they usually always are), but because they are screaming and having spaztic jirations.

I adore you, Sienna…more than you will ever know. You are my last baby, which makes you special (kind of like the fact that Solana is also special since she is my first.) Anyway, I love you, but damn, you are one tough baby!!

Lately, I’ve been able to control your fits with counting – uno, dos, tres – which by tres you know what’s coming, so you are usually acting right by then.

I know you are going through a rough time right now. The “terrible twos”, as we call them, are really nothing but a misunderstanding between you (the two year old) and your feelings. Physcially you are two; but emotionally, you are experiencing the same feelings that adults do – anger, sadness, jealously, etc. The differnce is, you just don’t know how to handle them. And in reality, many adults still struggle with this. Even I and your daddy do at times. Afterall, we are just human.

My point is, these are trying times, but we will get through it. We love you dearly and want to enjoy every moment with you, even if it means having to endure your high-pitched, glass-shattering screams 😉

A quest for perfection

We got Sol’s first report card this week and were instructed to go over it with her. She and her classmates are graded on such things as listening, reading, comprehension, writing, etc. The highest grade or mark, I should say, is four – considered excellent. Threes are very good, twos are average, etc.

When we pointed out that she got only a couple of fours and mostly threes, she was so upset. She asked us what she needed to do to get fours and looked at us with this worried, yet determined face.

It was so great to see her at only five years old with an eagerness to achieve more. Braxton and I both told her we would help her with her goal.