Solana’s First Words

It’s hard to really say what your child’s first words are, because half the time they are simply babbling when what you think is a real word dribbles out of their mouth. This was the case with the word “mamma”. Solana said this very early on, like at 8 months. Then of course came “dadda”, that she continued to say more often than the former.

By 11 months Solana was saying “night-night”, “bye”, “hi”, and “caca”…you can thank Lita for that!!!

Solana’s First Tooth

Solana got her first tooth just before Christmas 2003. Mom and I went to Kohl’s to buy Charlie a Cowboy Santa. Well, Solana and I stayed in the car, and while we were playing and laughing, I noticed this little white thing shining in her gum. I gently pulled down her lip, and there it was…the tiny, white edge of her first tooth!!!!