Tall Like her Dad

The doctor recently told us that Solana is in the 99th percentile of her age group when it comes to height. We can all thank her “papi” if she turns out to be a super model or a WNBA basketball player!!!

Solana’s First Birthday Fiesta

This day was really fun!! All of our familia and friends came from all over to celebrate Solana’s first birthday party. The theme was Elmo…Sesame Street. We cooked hamburgers, hotdogs, drank beer, let the kids break an Elmo pinata…good times. As demonstrated here in these pictures, Solana enjoyed it as well. It didn’t take her long this time to dig (literally) into her chocolate cake. I love my baby!! She got all kinds of neat toys and beautiful clothes. Gracias to all who made this day memorable!!

Solana’s First Birthday

Solana turned one on May 20th, 2004. It was a Thursday, so we couldn’t exactly have a big party. Instead, we had a little private party…just the three of us. Braxton and I bought her a red Elmo-looking cake and put one candle on it. At first she was a bit scared and unsure. But as soon as I showed her the red thing sitting in front of her was something sweet and edible, she jumped right in…hence the red smile she’s sporting in this picture.

Solana and her first Birthday Cake

First Mother’s Day

May 9th was my first Mother’s Day. Solana gave me a little, pink beenie bear that says “mom” on it. Earlier this week at daycare she made me a beeded key chain that fits around my wrist with her name written on it.

We spent the day with Lita and Honee; Blake cooked us brunch. But Solana was the highlight of the day. Braxton took this picture of us.

Vee and Sol on Mother's Day

Solana’s First Words

It’s hard to really say what your child’s first words are, because half the time they are simply babbling when what you think is a real word dribbles out of their mouth. This was the case with the word “mamma”. Solana said this very early on, like at 8 months. Then of course came “dadda”, that she continued to say more often than the former.

By 11 months Solana was saying “night-night”, “bye”, “hi”, and “caca”…you can thank Lita for that!!!

Solana’s First Tooth

Solana got her first tooth just before Christmas 2003. Mom and I went to Kohl’s to buy Charlie a Cowboy Santa. Well, Solana and I stayed in the car, and while we were playing and laughing, I noticed this little white thing shining in her gum. I gently pulled down her lip, and there it was…the tiny, white edge of her first tooth!!!!