Recent Moments

On Wednesday, Oct. 15, my sweet Sienna wanted me to lay with her prior to going to sleep and it just so happened that I was going to sleep next to her anyway this night because Abuelita Berta and Tio were in town.

Well, when I laid next to her, she grabbed my face, caressed it and held my hand telling me how much she loved me. She always has to touch me and it just shows how much she’s still in love with me (since that fades once they grow from babies to teens). It doesn’t matter where we sit, she has to sit either on me (preferred choice) or next to me, but always touching me. I love it so much and it’s moments like this that I will treasure forever.

Then the following morning, I had a moment with my sweet Solana. She’s not an affectionate person like Sienna, but she has her own way of connecting with me on a different, much mature and sincere level. She may not be into me hugging, kissing and doting on her, but she does like and appreciate my attention.

On the morning of Thursday, Oct. 16 as I was dropping her off at school, we were coming out of a personal but funny conversation in which I was making her laugh (which doesn’t happen often so I was loving it). And as she was getting out of the car, she just smiled this lovely smile at me. Then as she went to the back of the car to grab her bag out of the hatch, she did it again – smiled a giant smile at me and made eye contact with me through the rear-view mirror. Already swollen with much love and thinking I got such a treat from her, I got ONE MORE glance as she walked away. It was greatness and I knew it was her way of telling me she loved me so much.

I’m so grateful to God and the universe for my beautiful babies and these memorable moments.

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