Your worth

Girls, when you’re older and throughout life, you will encounter, become friends and maybe even fall in love with a man who you believe is the best thing that’s ever happened to you. But before you begin to think this relationship is indeed true love, ask yourself these questions:

Does this man make me feel like a Queen? (In other words, does he respect you, adore you and believe you are the best thing that’s ever happened to him?)

Does this man make me feel wanted and protected? (Does he give you unconditional love on your worst days, does he shower you with love, attention and gifts, and will he do anything to keep you safe?)

Does this man honor my beliefs and respect my wishes? (Is he honest, trusting and obliging when it comes to your requests to do or not do certain things that make you feel uncomfortable?)

While relationships can be complicated and absolutely reside on an equal level of give and take, it’s imperative that you know your self worth and never compromise your beliefs or standards in return for love.

I tell you all the time how you both are the most beautiful girls in the world. You’re smart; you’re ambitious; you strive for the best and work hard to get it; and I couldn’t be prouder of the women you’re growing into. And this is exactly why I’m encouraging you to never deny or compromise your self worth.

You are creatures unlike any other and deserve for someone to cherish and protect you without you having to sacrifice your happiness, beliefs or desires.

I love you with all my mind, body and soul and will always be here for you to guide you throughout life.

Stay hungry. Be safe. And always stay true to yourself.

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