When a boy breaks up with you

During the Halloween month of October, all the Twilight series movies were coming on TV. This particular night we were watching New Moon when Bella is crying and distraught over Edward leaving her.

Well, this scene sparks what ends up being an entertaining conversation with my daughters about break ups.

Solana starts by asking, “Why is Bella crying?” To which I respond, “Edward just broke up with her and she’s very sad.” Solana’s continues by saying something to the effect of…”well, if a boy ever leaves me, I’m not going to cry – forget him if he doesn’t want to be with me!” Totally an answer I would expect from my practical Taurus.

Sienna, on the other hand, immediately jumps into the conversation and says, “If a boy ever breaks up with me, I will kick and scratch him!!!”


Solana and I burst out laughing at the spirited answer Sienna gives. And I hugged her tight as I expected nothing less from my cool, confident and assertive Libra.


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