Boys and the anticipated heartbreak

So it’s Halloween week and the Twilight series has been on TV every night. Well, two nights ago we watched New Moon and when Edward breaks up with Bella and she sinks into a depressive state, Solana asks why she’s crying. I tell her, well, Edward broke her heart; she loves him and he just left her very suddenly. And Solana basically tells me, well I wouldn’t cry; if a boy doesn’t want to be with me, then forget him; I’m not going to cry. To which I respond, you say that now, but when you’re in love, you may feel differently.

Little do I know that Sienna is about to engage in this teenage/adult conversation (of course she would; why would I think any differently.) Anyway, Sienna quickly says, and I quote exactly, “If a boy ditched me, I would kick him and scratch him.”

Yes. She did.


After the initial shock and laughter subsides that she even knows what the word “ditched” means and that her form of coping would be a psychotic woman warpath, I told her that sort of reaction would not be nice.

Moral of this story? We got a fiery Mexican on our hands. Where does she get that from???


Very blessed; very proud

We’ve had such a great week recently. In one week, we received news that Solana would be bumped up in math because she’s so damn smart. Then her volleyball coach invited her to play on the 6th grade volleyball team, despite the fact that she’s only in 5th grade! And then she was selected for the yearbook club as a photographer!! We are so proud of Solana and these major accomplishments!!

Additionally, we received really good news about Sienna too. Just to make sure I don’t get any of it wrong, I’m attaching the email her teacher sent us. Needless to say, it brought me and Brax to tears and made our moms cry too. We have a very special little girl…

Hi Veronica and Braxton,

Sienna is having so much fun on her birthday! This morning I gave Sienna her birthday crown, birthday pencil, and birthday certificate followed by a special birthday sticker. 🙂 She is very excited to celebrate her birthday tonight with her family.

I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your daughter. As a teacher, I have been fortunate enough to teach many students throughout my 5 years of experience. However, rarely do I get to meet students like Sienna.

Sienna’s maturity, self-control, discipline, ability to focus, and compassion are outstanding and very advanced for her age. She is one of the sweetest, kindest, and most empathetic young students that I’ve met.

I’m very proud of her academic skills- her writing is gorgeous, her reading is above level, and she is a very quick learner in math. However, I am most impressed with her heart and her personality. Those are skills that you cannot teach-she must have learned them from you!

You have raised one special little girl and I’m very happy to have her as a student this year. She is one-of-a-kind. 🙂

Lauren Ridley