Whether a stranger is cute or not is IRRELEVANT!

So we are at the house last night, by ourselves as always. And the door bell rings. Of course, as is our typical mode of operation, I look at the girls and tell them to be quiet, ignore the door and let the stranger walk away.

Well the person wouldn’t leave; instead they kept ringing the door bell and then just stood outside the door. Well, Solana starts panicking – I mean really freaking out and crying because in her mind this person is not going away and wants to come in our house. So I start looking out the window to try to get a closer look at this stranger and I notice that it is in fact a guy. When I tell the girls the “guy” is still sitting there and to be quiet, Sienna, without any hesitation says, “Is he cute???”

Oh Lord!! I have my hands full!!!!!

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