shy girl

So for homework tonight, Sol had to answer some questions about herself. One of the questions was in regards to what embarrasses her. She looked down at her paper and said, “meeting new people.” And then she started crying. It just broke my heart so much. I hugged her and let her cry on my shoulder and told her that being shy was not a bad thing. I told her that her daddy was very shy and that that was one of the reasons I loved him.

It was a very touching moment. I love my shy girl so much. And would never want her to be any different.

Oh…and now potty trained with #2!

Sienna is so funny. She just wouldn’t go poo-poo in the potty until SHE was ready. And now, I guess she’s ready because she’s been doing it and is so happy about it she often calls us in there to see the result! lol

2009 was an awesome year!

The girls have both done very well in school…I’m so proud of them.

Solana’s 1st grade teacher, Mrs Kelly, told me that she is very smart and super sweet. She also told me that Sol is reading at almost a 3rd grade level!!! My baby is soooo smart!!

And Sienna’s teacher, Mrs Rachel, told me that she’s the best artist in the class. She also said that Si is very smart and speaks Spanish very well.

I’m very proud of my girls, and thank God everyday for blessing me with wonderful, healthy little girls.