Solana Speaks and Signs!!

Solana is now 15 months and talking like a champ. She repeats everything you say…literally. And it truly freaks me out to see how quick and smart she is. For example, this morning she was watching Teletubbies, and they started counting. Well all they had to say was “one” and she quickly said “two, thee” (she can’t pronounce her “r” yet).

And when you ask her what a puppy says, she barks; if you ask her what a kitty says, she meows; and if you ask her what a ducky says, she trys to quack. This age is so much fun!!!

She’s also got her baby sign language down. She can tell us when she’s hungry, when she wants milk, when she wants more of anything and she even knows the sign for “please”. It’s totally cool!!

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